TransEasy Rapid Transformation Kit

  • Primordia LifesciencesTransEasy Rapid Transformation Kit uses indigenously developed reagents for the rapid preparation of chemicallycompetent E. coli cells from overnight bacterial cultures or bacterial colonies.
  • This kit utilizes uniquely formulated solutions for preparing competent cells rapidly. Our easy and simple protocol ensures competency of the treated E.coli cells enabling high transformation efficiency of ≥10 transformants per µg of plasmid DNA.
  • The TransEasy Rapid Transformation Kit can be used with most E. coli strains commonly used for cloning: JM107, JM109, DHF-α etc.
  • Ensures competency of the E.coli cells to take up plasmid DNA efficiently
  • Rapid : Less than 15 minutes from culture to plating
  • Simple protocol
  • Can be used for routine transformation and cloning experiments.

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