About Us

About Us

Primordia Lifesciences Private Limited is a Biotech Start-Up company focused on providing molecular diagnostics solutions. Molecular diagnostics is a molecular platform for detection of diseases. We mainly aim at developing advanced, sensitive and time efficient diagnostic assays for diseases in a reliant yet cost effective manner. We are also focused on the development of efficient point of care tests for the rapid detection of infectious diseases and thus facilitate effective treatment of the patients in resource strapped areas.

We are now concentrating on nucleic acid isolation and purification market. Our R&D facility at KRIBS- BIONEST has already developed a few nucleic acid extractions kits as well as custom reagents for sample processing.


Be one of the most recognized source for molecular diagnostic technologies and products


Our company aspires to provide reliant, cost effective and innovative sample processing solutions for research and diagnostics by implementing sustainable and efficient production methods managed by a motivated and driven team of professionals


  • Rapid & Efficient
  • Takes less than 20 minutes
  • Requires very low amount of sample
  • Provides high purity DNA & RNA
  • Silica based membrane technology
  • Efficient wash procedure to ensure Purity