Genomic Services

Our range of genomics services include optimized high-quality DNA and RNA extraction solutions. Depending on the sample and sample volume requirements, we can implement an extraction solution customised to a particular application using our proven technologies.

Nucleic acid services include:

  • Quantification
  • RT-PCR
  • Real time PCR
  • Extraction of genomic DNA, RNA and Plasmid
  • Barcoding of Bacterial, Fungal, Plant and Animal species

Custom Gene Cloning and Sequencing

  • Primer Designing, PCR amplification, Cloning and Sequencing
  • We offer TA cloning of your PCR amplified fragments. Subcloning into a vector of your choice is also offered.
  • Contact us for any custom cloning requirements.

Cell Culture

We offer cell culture services. We are doing screening and validation of test compounds on selected cell lines.

  • Cell viability/ cytotoxicity assays
  • Anticancer assay
  • Apoptosis